GBPA Continues Efforts to Boost Downtown Business Community

By Fred Sturrup |GB News Editor | [email protected]

The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) is consistent with a strong focus on an organization it fostered years ago.  According to a recent release sent out from the GBPA, The Downtown Freeport Business Association, following recent elections, is headed by Antoine Brooks.

With the GBPA as the ongoing catalyst entity linked to the group of business owners, it is expected that as the Ministry of Grand Bahama, through the Government of The Bahamas, zeroes in major investments and capital projects in Grand Bahama, the GBPA will drive the initiative to revitalize the business sector of Freeport.

The GBPA and other participants who are striving for an economic bounce for the business places in downtown Freeport, are surely cognizant of how important their efforts are toward reviving the entire island financially. Freeport anchors the economy of Grand Bahama. 

It is for this reason, the GBPA has made the business association such a high priority. This is a challenging time for business houses, and many of those in the downtown sector have been struggling to keep doors open.

Downtown business owners are to be saluted for their determination. A greater connection to the buying public is imperative. Somehow the GBPA must help the business association to become more relevant, by guiding owners to concentrate on attractive marketing programs, in general, prices that will lure the local buyers.

There should be full recognition that the long-time habit of many, to simply board a ship, and go to Florida for shopping, is entrenched.  Be minded, downtown business owners.  Coming together to devise a formula to compete against the Florida market, is a necessity.

Best wishes.

“Round The Corner” Lounge presents Freeport’s Latest Social Environment

By Fred Sturrup |GB News Editor |[email protected]

Leave it to Janet Russell !

The veteran hospitality host/personality has embarked upon a venture, which, judging from the response on opening day, Sunday, October 30, will certainly bring a touch of magic back to Freeport.  Her lounge, located on Yellow Pine Road at the exact location where Radio Station Cool 96 FM once operated, is called “Round The Corner.” On Sunday past, a quality mixture of patrons turned up for the grand opening and there was host/manager/owner Janet beaming with joy, welcoming the first gathering from what is expected to be a long clientele list.

The venue focuses on rhythmic/pulsating music and sporting events.  Accordingly, some patrons were able to interact, and enjoy the music, while sipping their brand of beverage and savoring souse and finger food. Others watched their favorite NFL teams play. Later, NBA games were optional.

If the culture experienced at the opening remains, the Round The Corner lounge will become the new popular spot in Freeport, and be a superb attraction for a long time. 

Janet and her two assistants/bartenders Sandra Remy and Sherice McPhee are prime hosts, all with an exquisite hospitable touch and persona.

Well done, Janet and staff!


(GB News Editor Fred Sturrup’s note: The Bahamaman joint project is indeed unique.  It’s an exciting delivery from Jemima’s Playhouse. Of course the backdrop is a family from which creative juices flow. The Sawyers, in particular, Tyrone Sr. and older brother Rudy, set a high standard with their writing. Dr. Tyrone Sawyer II and Dr. Jemima Sawyer are establishing their very own brand. Best wishes)


“He’s flying in the air, it’s BahamaMan! Look over there, it’s BahamaMan! He can even lift planes! It’s BahamaMan! I stand for justice! It’s BahamaMan!” 

These are some of the lyrics to the chorus of the groundbreaking song, BahamaMan, which plays every day to the delight of students in pre-school through primary school across the United States, and to the absolute delight of their parents and caregivers.  The song is such a hit that the character, BahamaMan, has become a hero to so many!  And a staple character for Jemima’s Playhouse – a much beloved entertainment and educational company.

Jemima’s Playhouse is the brainchild of Dr. Tyrone Sawyer II and his wife, Dr. Jemima Sawyer.  From its humble beginnings ten years ago at their kitchen table in Atlanta, Georgia, Jemima’s Playhouse has come very far.  The company which takes its name from Dr. Jemima has since expanded its reach from its humble beginnings in Georgia to include, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Texas.   And Jemima’s Playhouse is just taking off!

BahamaMan has become one of the favorite characters in Jemima’s Playhouse’s constellation of characters.  And for good reason!  He teaches students the importance of social responsibility.  With a smile and a sprinkling of adventure. As a Bahamian ambassador, BahamaMan never neglects to invite each student to visit the place of his birth – the iconic and mysterious Glass Window Bridge, on Eleuthera, Bahamas, where the roaring deep-blue Atlantic Ocean meets the tranquil blue-green Bahamian Sea.

Jemima’s Playhouse is a children’s entertainment company which continues to grow and evolve.  It now visits over 2 million students every year in Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Texas.

The company’s creative and interactive entertainment approach to children incorporates animated stories, creative dramatics, original songs, and characters which help children between the ages of 2 and 8 years old develop their imagination and communication skills.  Now, students and parents could download the BahamaMan book, song, and music video from the Jemima’s Playhouse website so that they could be inspired by his legacy of love, peace and goodwill. 

Said Dr. Tyrone, “The growth of Jemima’s Playhouse – and the growth of BahamaMan – have been simply incredible!  Dr. Jemima and I are merely along for the ride.  Our only goal is to entertain students between the ages of two and twelve, while seamlessly educating them.”  

Contact: Dr. Tyrone Sawyer II ([email protected]) (770) 462-2499