GBPA Continues Efforts to Boost Downtown Business Community

By Fred Sturrup |GB News Editor | [email protected]

The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) is consistent with a strong focus on an organization it fostered years ago.  According to a recent release sent out from the GBPA, The Downtown Freeport Business Association, following recent elections, is headed by Antoine Brooks.

With the GBPA as the ongoing catalyst entity linked to the group of business owners, it is expected that as the Ministry of Grand Bahama, through the Government of The Bahamas, zeroes in major investments and capital projects in Grand Bahama, the GBPA will drive the initiative to revitalize the business sector of Freeport.

The GBPA and other participants who are striving for an economic bounce for the business places in downtown Freeport, are surely cognizant of how important their efforts are toward reviving the entire island financially. Freeport anchors the economy of Grand Bahama. 

It is for this reason, the GBPA has made the business association such a high priority. This is a challenging time for business houses, and many of those in the downtown sector have been struggling to keep doors open.

Downtown business owners are to be saluted for their determination. A greater connection to the buying public is imperative. Somehow the GBPA must help the business association to become more relevant, by guiding owners to concentrate on attractive marketing programs, in general, prices that will lure the local buyers.

There should be full recognition that the long-time habit of many, to simply board a ship, and go to Florida for shopping, is entrenched.  Be minded, downtown business owners.  Coming together to devise a formula to compete against the Florida market, is a necessity.

Best wishes.